Who We Are

Founded in 2010 Atto is a technology and science-driven multi manager quantitative trading firm. Our founders have many years of trading experience, have successfully navigated many different market regimes, and believe that technology will be driver of change and the differentiating factor in the global financial markets for years to come.

Why Atto?

From wikipedia: «Atto (symbol a) is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10−18 or 0.000000000000000001. Also know as one quintillionth»

When Atto was formed, the first task was to build the fastest trading platform to operate our strategies on. To this day, it symbolizes our core engineering values: efficiency, speed, and throughput.


We have assembled a team of intelligent, skilled and accomplished individuals with backgrounds in math, technology and science. Together we are creating a world class trading platform and some of the most sophisticated research tools to facilitate modern trading strategies.

What We Do

We research, develop and operate a portfolio of quantitative trading strategies across several asset classes. We remain competitive by using our proprietary ultra low latency trading platform, world class research infrastructure, and our in-depth knowledge of modern electronic market structure. As a small firm, we remain nimble and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, ingenuity and effort.


We are a diverse and spirited group of engineers and scientists who are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers.


Working here resembles being at an early stage tech startup, rather than a finance business. We constantly seek and experiment with latest technologies in networking and hardware.

  • Bureaucracy free environment
  • Flexible working hours and casual dress code
  • Discretionary bonus, paid vacation and sick leave
  • Daily lunch, complimentary snacks and drinks
  • Educational opportunities
  • Game tournaments and company events

We strive to attract the best and the brightest. Our doors are always open for individuals passionate about technology and quantitative finance. If you are intersted in joining us, but do not see an open position that matches your experience, we encourage to email us your resume along with a short description of your desired position.

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1815 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach
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1815 Purdy Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139